Tattoo For Cancer Detection?

Tattoos are mostly used as an expression of art, love, or loyalty.

In the near future, we can eventually make use of tattooing as a means of detecting signs of cancer. Scientists have engineered a “medical tattoo” that will aid in screening signs of life-threatening diseases.

This form of tattooing will make use of cells that are embedded with sensors. Its main functionality is to measure levels of blood calcium.

It is invisible when implanted under the skin. The sensors will only become visible when the levels of blood calcium rise. When this happens, the patient is exuding signs of a condition called hypercalcemia which is a major indication of life-threatening diseases like cancer.

Martin Fussenegger, the study’s lead author explained that “Forty percent of all cancers — including colon cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer and prostate cancer– disrupt calcium balance (homeostasis).”

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