Rivington Tattoo to Open Saks Fifth Avenue Branch

Rivington Tattoo is a tattoo parlor that is known for completing ink works for the filthy rich, celebrities, and athletes.

The Lower East Side tattoo shop will be opening another business at Saks Fifth Avenue. In late April, the shop will start operating in a specially designed display at the posh department store.

Wass Stevens, one of the owners of the business described their new shop as a “live theater.”

“When you walk by, you’ll see an old-school Victorian sitting room where people are getting live tattoos,” he explained.

The shop is part of the new concept floor of Saks which is called The Downtown Wellery.

Although Stevens will not disclose any of the famous names who have availed of their services, he shared that he has worked with a lot of influential people.

“You’d be surprised by how many Fortune 500 guys take off their $8,000 suits and $700 shirts to get tattooed,” he said. “You wouldn’t even know until they lift their sleeve. It’s mainstream now.”

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