$13 Tattoos for Friday the 13th

Superstitious people take Friday the 13th seriously. They consider this day on the calendar as the unluckiest.

Among the things that are commonly avoided during this day is getting a tattoo.

Ritual Addictions Tattoo is a tattoo shop in Glendale, Arizona that is changing this superstition. People who are looking to get some ink work done are very lucky this day as they offer their service at $13.

A lot of shops are doing this tradition, but Ritual Addictions Tattoo is taking their service a step further by offering to work on any ink design that is 2×2 in size.

Speaking to Fox 10, Rachelle Hoffman, the owner of the shop says, “We offer custom. You can bring in whatever you want. Not a lot of shops do that. Bring in a custom 2 by 2 and we’ll tattoo it. You just have to be patient and wait in line.”

It is estimated that about 500 people celebrate this “cursed” day at tattoo shops every year.

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