Nail Tattoos – The Next Trend in Beauty and Ink Work

There is a new beauty trend that is making the rounds on the internet. Instagram users have probably seen these subtly glamorous ink work referred to as nail tattoos.

People who are obsessed with getting a manicure can probably take their nail art a step further by getting their nails tattooed.

While some people may give you a quizzical look, the nail designs make use of real tattoo ink. This means that a real tattoo machine will also puncture the nail and embed the ink into the dermis. However, compared to tattoos on the skin, nail tattoos don’t last forever. A typical design would last about six weeks and will greatly depend on the growth of the nails.

Celebrity tattoo artist JonBoy started the trend and now a tattoo shop called Needle Nails are offering their nail tattooing services in Los Angeles and New York.

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