Tattooist Decodes Ben Affleck’s Infamous Ink Work

Ben Affleck’s huge Phoenix tattoo on his back is the talk of the tattoo world today. This could mainly be because the 45-year-old star downplayed the artwork and lied about it being fake, sometime two years ago.

Lifestyle publication Elle has sought the assistance of tattooist Michelle Myles to help decode the meaning of the artwork.

Myles is the co-founder of Daredevil Tattoo and has worked with celebrities for their ink work.

While netizens roasted the actor and called his tattoo a reminder of his mid-life crisis, Myles saw the tattoo in a generous light.

“A lot of times, people get tattoos to mark significant things in their life. It’s almost like having a scrapbook,” she explained. “And it’s not like he got the face of his ex, or anything negative. A phoenix is a pretty positive, iconic image.”

True enough, the mythological creature is a symbol of fiery rebirth and remains to be one of the popular tattoo choices.

She, however, declined to comment whether she personally liked the tattoo.

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