We Will Never Know Whether Meghan Markle Has Tattoos

Soon-to-be-royalty Meghan Markle is one person who is certainly not afraid to break any royal traditions when it comes to styling. Sometime in March, the Suits star was spotted sporting a messy side bun.

With her fashion statement, fans are asking whether the beauty rebel will go as far as getting a tattoo done.

Sadly, the only evidence that the internet has provided about any possible ink work is a photo of the actress with her wrist covered in henna design. The artwork was done during her trip to India last year.

Whether or not the actress had any permanent ink work done, we will never know.

As part of the Royal tradition, Markle has deleted her Instagram account, as well as her lifestyle brand site, The Tig. The British royal family will be curating all the photos of the soon-to-be-princess, thus is it very unlikely that we will see an inked Meghan.

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