Unlucky Fan Tattoed Ant & Dec on His Leg

To win a Saturday Night Takeaway competition, Kelvin Jackson-Bowers had the faces of Ant and Dec tattooed on his leg.

Bowers was aiming to win an all-expense paid trip to Florida but found his hopes dashed after the program was taken off air.

The decision was made after Ant McPartlin got arrested for DUI.

The 36-year-old father shared that he was inspired to join the contest by his six-year-old son who was aiming for the prize. He also revealed that other than his son, his wife also talked him into it so they can win the contest.

Contestants of the competition are working on recreating a hashtag on Twitter. Others were either baking or sewing it but Bowers decided to be very bold and sported it on his leg.

“They needed to recreate a hashtag so my wife had the brainwave of using my skin. I said no at first when she asked on the Monday but I gave in the following Sunday and my father-in-law, who is a tattoo artist, did it. I mainly did it for Harry. I already have tattoos including a full sleeve but this one was to try and win tickets on the plane.

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