Kevin Paul Talks About Things to Consider Before Getting Your First Ink Work

At the launch of the new Nivea Men Body Shaving range, tattoo artist Kevin Paul talked about the things to consider before getting your first ink work done.

Paul is responsible for more than 40 of the tattoos of singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran and he has also inked Rihanna and Harry Styles, among other celebrities.

According to Paul, it is very important to plan ahead and contemplate before sitting down for the session. There are eight pointers that he gave out, including:


  • Finding a reputable tattoo artist.
  • As much as possible, avoid word of mouth in finding your artist.
  • Make your first ink work very personal.
  • Don’t rely on the designs David Beckham has made popular.
  • Never look up your inspiration from Google.
  • Keep in mind that colored tattoos are likely to fade more quickly.
  • If you want your tattoo to last longer, have it done in an area on your body that is not exposed.

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