Presley Gerber Gets ‘Best Big Brother’ Tattoo

While couple tattoos are an in-thing, Cindy Crawford’s son Presley Gerber has started a trend referred to as sibling tattoo.

Presley debuted his new ink work on Instagram. It reads “Kaia XXIII.” Obviously, the tattoo is a tribute to his younger sister, Kaia Gerber.

The dainty work was completed by celebrity tattoo artist JonBoy at the end of the New York Fashion Week.

Although it’s not clear what the numbers might stand for, fans were quick to speculate that it is related to the birth dates of the siblings. Presley is June 2, 1999, and Kaia’s birthday is on September 3, 2001. This would be a likely conjecture considering that JonBoy specializes in birth year tattoos.

Regardless of what the numbers mean, people were quick to note that Presley just officially landed the role of the best big brother.

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